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Steel Ice Cubes



Product Introduction

Item: Stainless steel ice cubes

Size:1.05x1.05x1.05 inch/2.7*2.7*.27cm(approx)
Material: High-quality Stainless steel + Refrigerant
Package: Bubbles and bags, make sure the goods are 100% intact.
How To Use:
1. Rinse the stainless ice stones.
2. Put in the freezer 4 hours before use, for chill drinks.
3. Serve 1~3 stones to chill the drink, let stand 5 minutes or more.
4. Flush the used stones and put them back in the freezer.
1. Rinse and air dry stones following every use.
2. store stainless cubes in the freezer for next time.
3. Rinse thoroughly before first use.
4. Do not chew or ingest, get it out timely.
5. Not to be used as a toy, tell your kids.

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