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Sharpening Stone 3000 & 8000

Premium Sharpening Stone Kit 

Suitable For Multi Tools. 
The Whetstone Sharpener Can Sharp Any Blade.

Extremely Easy & Safe To Use.
Our Knife Sharpening Stone Is Extremely User-Friendly.
High-Quality Waterstone. 
Angle Guider Holds The Knife On The Correct Angle. 
Highly Durable & Long-Lasting.
Corrosion-Resistant & Heat-Resistant.
Made Of Prime White Corundum.
Bamboo Base Holder.
Silicone Base For Holding The Stone.
Sharpening Angle Guide.
3000 Grit
Prep And Smoothen The Blade.
8000 Grit
Honing And Polishing.

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